Woodford Folk Festival

Author: KU Legal

Published: 21 Dec, 2023

Categories: Aussie Life

The Woodford Folk Festival is an iconic annual music and cultural festival held in Queensland, Australia. The festival runs for six days, starting from 27 December to 1 January. It is the largest gathering of local, national and international artists and musicians in Australia. Each year, the festival program begins with the iconic Opening Ceremony and closes with the amazing fire works event on New Year’s Day.

The festival offers wide variety of performances including concerts, dances, street theatre, film festival, comedy sessions, talks and debates. You can never go hungry during the festival, as the streets are lined with restaurants, cafes, stalls and bars.

To know more about what is on the festival programme for 2023, visit their website at https://woodfordfolkfestival.com/ and their social media page @woodfordfolkfestival


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