Which Australian visa is best for you?

To enter Australia, everyone must have a valid visa. It is so important to apply for the right visa for you and, given the complexity of the area of law in this country – immigration law is the second most complex set of legislation after taxation law – using the services of a professional for some, if not all, of the process is highly recommended.

For short-term visits, where all you want to do is check out the beaches or the amazing rainforests, or visit family and friends, a visitor visa is sufficient. You can study for less than three months on a visitor visa but if you want to study more you would need a student visa. The important thing to remember with visitor visas is that there are no work rights granted so if you want to do some work in Australia, you must obtain a different type of visa.

There are many work visas, with varying lengths of periods of stay. These range from working holiday visas – or work and holiday visas, depending on where you’re from – to employer sponsored visas and business visas.

There are also the family based visas, such as parents, partner, child, etc., and, should this be an option for you, there is the humanitarian programme which covers visa such as protection and refugee visas.

Not everyone is privileged enough to be eligible for a visa to enter Australia. Problems such as character issues, previous visa cancellations or refusals – for visas from any country in the world – and even health issues may block your wish of visiting, working in or living in Australia.

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