Where to live?

When deciding to move to Australia, people generally have an idea of whereabouts they want to live in this vast country. The location is usually dictated by either family or job options. However, it’s always important to give thought to the part of the country we move to, and, once we have identified the best area, we then need to be looking at whereabouts in that area is best for us. Do we need public transport, great schools, access to the beach? How do we find out the answer?

There are many ways to locate the ideal place which suits our requirements and I have listed a few that you may wish to use when looking for the ideal location:

  1. Real Estate agents. If you can find a friendly Real Estate agent in the area where you wish to move, you can pick their brains for good advice on properties and areas which would suit you. Sometimes, Real Estate agents offer services to assist migrating families with their move.
  2. Relocation companies. These organisations are very useful when it comes to moving your whole family over to Australia as they will take care of as little or as much as you want. They can assist with property searches and also furnishing your home down to having milk and bread in your fridge for when you arrive in Australia.
  3. Social media. There are many Facebook pages, Meet Up Groups, etc which are a great source of information and firsthand experience of what you’re going through. Ask a question and you will get many different answers and hopefully some of them are helpful for you.
  4. Trial and error. There is nothing wrong with checking out various areas over months or years of being in Australia. This way, we get a feel for the different areas and are able to identify the pros and cons.

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