“What should I study to get a visa?”

We hear this quite often from people who are looking for a pathway to get permanent residence in Australia. Often, their only option is to study which may lead to more pathways open to them.

However, when we hear this question, the answer is always to encourage the individual to focus more on what their passion is rather than what is the current occupation in demand that may lead to permanent residence.

Like most pathways to permanent residence, this one is not a quick one. The individual needs to complete the studies and obtain a good enough result at a high enough level to satisfy the college and any future employers. Then they will need to work for several years before permanent residence is an option. Nobody should spend their life studying and working in an area that is not of interest to them if they have the choice.

The other disadvantage of choosing a career based on the current occupations in demand is that, by the time they have finished their studies, the list of occupations in demand may have changed, closing off that pathway that once existed and leaving them with no option but to return home.

Ultimately, we must make the most of what we do in our lives. As someone once said “Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.”

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