Understanding visa conditions: 8607 – Must only work in nominated occupation

What are visa conditions? 

When you are granted a visa for Australia, your Grant Notification will list the visa conditions applicable to you while you are holding that visa.  

Visa conditions are the rules of your visa that are set by the Australian Government. They will be different depending on the type of visa held. They can be mandatory or discretionary, and they will often be very different for primary visa holders compared to secondary visa holders.  

You can check what the conditions on your visa are at any time using the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (“VEVO”) service.  

It is important that you understand your visa conditions, as the Department of Home Affairs (“DoHA”) may cancel your visa if you breach them. You will also need to declare that you have substantially complied with visa conditions on your last substantive visa when making any further visa application onshore.  

What is condition 8607?

For all primary subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage) visa holders, condition 8607 will always apply. This condition requires that subclass 482 visa holders must work only in the occupation nominated in their most recent subclass 482 visa application. They cannot work in a different occupation unless they apply for and are granted a new Temporary Skill Shortage visa.

Under condition 8607, subclass 482 visa holders must:

  • start work within 90 days of arriving in Australia (if offshore when it was granted) or receiving their visa (of onshore when granted);
  • not stop working for more than 60 consecutive days; and
  • only work for the sponsor that nominated them.

Licences, registrations and memberships

It is also required under condition 8607 to hold and comply with any licences, registrations or memberships that are mandatory for your nominated occupation in Australia. Subclass 482 visa holders must obtain the necessary licences, registrations or managerships within 90 days of arriving in Australia (if offshore when it was granted) or receiving their visa (of onshore when granted).

It is mandatory to report to the DoHA if your licence, registration or membership was refused, cancelled or revoked.

What if I want to leave my job?

Condition 8607 means that if you, as a subclass 482 visa holder, were to leave your current sponsoring employer, you have only consecutive 60 days to in which to find a new approved sponsor for a job in your nominated occupation.

If you were to cease employment for more than 60 consecutive days, you would be in breach of condition 8607 and your subclass 482 visa may be subject to cancellation.

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