Trans-Tasman bubble

On 19 April, New Zealand fully opens its doors to Australian residents. No quarantine will be required for people entering New Zealand from Australia and vice versa. Also, no exemption will be required for Australians leaving to fly to New Zealand which is the case when travelling anywhere else overseas.

It is traveller-beware for those people travelling to New Zealand, with the premier of New Zealand stating that the bubble can be paused or suspended if CV-19 cases crop up in Australia.

Is this the start of the opening of borders between other countries who have dealt well with CV-19? Let’s hope so.

However, this inching towards travel freedom is not without its issues. There are still thousands of Australians trying to return to Australia and, due to the flight restrictions into Australia, they are unable to obtain flights. How will this affect those Australians travelling to New Zealand and then returning into the country? Not long until we find out!

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