Parent Visas

When we leave home, as a teenager or young adult, the last thing we want to do is bring our parents to live with us!

However, more and more people who have migrated to Australia are wanting to bring their parents to live here with them. The reasons are many – the amazing climate and safe environment, wanting to have more family nearby, and the need for on–tap Babysitters!

There are several options for people to bring their parents to Australia either permanently or long-term temporary other than via the visitor visa program. The more common visa requires that at least 50% of the parents’ children are Australian citizens or permanent residents based in Australia. If your parents are lucky enough to satisfy this requirement, there are again various options for them. The quicker option is to apply for a contributory parent visa. This means paying $40,000+ to the Australian government at the time of grant of the visa, however, the application is generally processed in a relatively quick period of time – approximately five years. The parent visa where no contribution is required, just the visa application charge, takes 30+ years to process. Therefore, there is a chance that you will not see your approval, should you lodge this visa subclass application.

Should your parents not have 50% or more of their children living in Australia as permanent residence or citizens, there is a newer parent visa which is a temporary visa application and grants the holder up to 10 years stay in Australia. Each parent needs to apply separately. The child is required to be approved as a sponsor before the visa application can be lodged and there are certain obligations required of the child sponsor.

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