Need to go home but want to return to Australia too?

Is this you? Have you been in this situation? Do you know people who are in this situation?

Here are a few common scenarios we have come across and what the options can be for them:

  1. Amy is British. She is in a relatively long-term de facto relationship with her Australian partner since before CV-19. Amy has been based in the UK for some time, due to CV-19. She recently applied for a subclass 600 Visa and an exemption due to her relationship with a close family relative – her de facto partner – to be able to travel to Australia. The exemption was granted and subsequently so was the Visitor Visa and Amy was able to travel to Australia to be with her partner. Amy provided strong evidence of the de facto relationship as part of both the submission and visa application.
  2. Bibiana is Brazilian, married to her Australian husband and on a temporary partner visa. Bibiana fell pregnant last year and has had a difficult pregnancy. She would like her mother to travel to Australia on a visitor visa to be able to support her and her husband when the baby arrives. Unfortunately, due to the fact that a parent is not included in the government’s definition of an “immediate family member”, the chance of Bibiana’s mother being able to travel to Australia is very slim.
  3. Charles is on a temporary work visa and waiting for his PR application to be approved. His mother, back in the US, is very sick and, as the only child, Charles wishes to return to the US as soon as possible to be with her. However, his concern is that he will not be able to travel back to Australia, his job, his partner and his Australian life once he has left. Charles is right to be concerned. As his occupation is not on the PMSOL (Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List), he will struggle to travel back to Australia as a temporary visa holder if his employers cannot justify why he should be permitted to travel to Australia. Charles’ options are to wait for the PR Visa to be granted, apply for an exemption to leave and return to Australia, and travel to the US once they have been granted.

The conclusion is that although it is a huge challenge to travel to or from Australia, it can be done, under certain circumstances. Check out this link for more advice – – and consult a professional.