Love is Love

You have experienced the emotive debate going on around the world regarding whether two women or two men have the same legal rights as a man and a woman to marry.

Well, despite the current political situation in Australia, fortunately, there is no such debate when it comes to Australian immigration and a partner wanting to move to Australia to be with the love of his or her life. Gender and sexuality are two things that are not relevant to this visa subclass. You will need to show that you are in a de facto relationship with the person sponsoring you (as Australia also does not yet recognise marriage of a non-hetero couple that has taken place outside of this country).

A couple who is in a de facto relationship is classed as not being in a married relationship with each other but:

  1. They Have A Mutual Commitment To A Shared Life To The Exclusion Of All Others; And
  2. The Relationship Between Them Is Genuine And Continuing; And
  3. They:
    1. Live Together; Or
    2. Do Not Live Separately And Apart On A Permanent Basis; And
    3. They Are Not Related By Family”

(definition S5CB Migration Act 1958 De facto relationship)

If you want to ensure your future together with your other half in this beautiful country, you do not need to wait for the politicians to make up their minds, you can apply now for a Partner Visa.

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