Hamilton Island Race

Author: KU Legal

Published: 18 Aug, 2023

Categories: Aussie Life

Hamilton Island Race Week is an annual yachting regatta which takes place on Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia.

It is one of Australia’s favourite yachting events, attracting sailors and sailing enthusiasts from around the world.

It typically takes place over a week in August and features a series of yacht races and social events. This year’s Hamilton Island Race Week will be held from 19 August to 26 August 2023.

Aside from the racing itself, Hamilton Island Race Week is popular for its lively social scene. Participants, family and friends come together to enjoy a range of onshore events, including parties, live music and more.

To know more, visit their website https://www.hamiltonislandraceweek.com.au/en and their social media pages @hamiltonisland

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