Common Wombat – Sydney Zoo

The common wombat is one of the marsupials you will see in Sydney Zoo. It is one of the three living species of wombats in Australia. Like other marsupials, the young develop in the mother’s pouch. It is also called as the coarse-haired wombat or bare-nosed wombat to be distinguished to the southern hairy-nosed wombat and the very rare northern hairy-nosed wombat. It has strong claws which they use for digging burrows in open grasslands and eucalyptus forests. It is nocturnal, spending eight hours at night feeding on native grasses, sedges and tubers.

If you want to see this cute odd-looking marsupial visit Sydney Zoo. Sydney Zoo is located in Bungarribee, in the Western Sydney Parklands, in Greater Western Sydney, NSW Australia.

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