Christmas has come one month early! Update for subclass 482 visa holders

Christmas has come one month early!

25 November, one month early but it feels like Christmas Day for migration professionals with a couple of positive changes being brought in.

The main beneficiaries are subclass 482 visa holders and people who have lodged offshore partner visas – more to follow on the latter change in the next update.

Previously, if you lodged a subclass 482 visa application and your occupation was not on the Medium and Long Term Skills Shortage List (“MLTSSL”), you were not eligible to apply for permanent residence as a result of time spent on that visa.

The Christmas present being granted to subclass 482 visa holders is that you are now eligible to apply for permanent residence regardless of the occupation that you hold. It can be either a Short Term Skilled Occupation List (“STSOL”) occupation or an MLTSSL occupation.

The other gift being given by the Department of Home Affairs (“DoHA”) is that of time! Instead of waiting for three years, working with your employer in the nominated occupation on your sub class 482 visa, you can now apply after two years. The rule is that you must have worked full time for at least two years in the last three years for your nominating employer in Australia on your subclass 482 visa.

So, this Temporary Skills Shortage programme can now be considered a pathway to permanent residence. If you are considered moving to Australia to work here, there is now comfort that you will not get booted out of the country after a few years because you happen to be skilled in the “wrong” occupation!

Merry Immigration Christmas!

Should you wish to find out more about the above or how these changes impact you, please contact the migration specialists at KU Legal:

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