Australian Magpie

The Australian magpie is a passerine bird which is native to Australia. It is considered as one of Australia’s most accomplished songbirds and has array of complex vocalisations. It is a medium-sized songbird, with distinctive black and white plumage. The male and female can be distinguished by the differences in their markings. The male has pure white feathers on the back of the head and the female has white blending to grey feathers on the back of the head.

They can be found in Australia, Southern New Guinea and Indonesia. They are highly adaptable birds and are found in open areas such as residential areas, grassland, savannah and fields.

During the breeding season, some Australian magpies can become aggressive and may swoop at perceived threats to their young. This behavior is well-known in Australia, and people often take precautions like wearing hats or carrying umbrellas to protect themselves from swooping magpies.

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