Australia Zoo

Australia zoo is owned by Terri Irwin, the widow of Steve of Irwin. Steve Irwin was the famous host of the wildlife documentary series called “The Crocodile Hunter”. Steve was the old owner of the zoo but with the accidental death from a stingray, Terri became the new owner of the zoo. The Irwin family made the zoo a popular tourist attraction. It is located in the Australian state of Queensland on the Sunshine Coast near Beerwah/Glass House Mountains.

The zoo offers a thrilling wildlife encounter and will let you see over 1,200 animals including Aussie favorites such as kangaroo, koalas, crocodiles, tasmanian devil and wombats. One of the best highlights of the zoo is the show called the “Showtime in the Crocoseum” where you will see crocodiles in clear water ponds. The shows’ main purpose was to educate the visitors by showing them how crocodiles live and behave in the wild.

If you would like to visit Australia zoo, please contact us:

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