Do I need a visa to come for a holiday in Australia?

Visitor Visa Australia

There is no place like Australia with its pristine beaches, weird and wonderful wildlife, and magnificent scenery. With so much to see and do, it is a great place for your next adventure.

If you are considering visiting Australia temporarily for a holiday, or to visit friends and family, you will need a valid visa.

There are different types of visas depending on your circumstances. You need to ensure you apply for the right visa, otherwise you will not be granted entry into Australia.

Subclass 601 – Electronic Travel Authority (“ETA”)

An ETA is an electronically issued visa for short-term tourism or business travel to Australia. It is available to passport holders from a number of countries, including Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and United States of America. ETA-eligible applicants must use the Australian ETA app to apply.

Subclass 651 – eVisitor

An eVisitor visa is similar to an ETA, however it is intended for citizens of countries in the European Union and United Kingdom for short-term tourism or business travel to Australia.

How long can you stay in Australia

Holders of both ETA and eVisitor visas can visit Australia as many times as they want for either 12 months (the maximum validity of these visas), or for the period your passport is valid, whichever is longer. Each visit can be for up to three months after entry.

Eligibility criteria

In addition to eligibility based on your country of citizenship and passport, you also need to satisfy the following criteria to be eligible for an ETA or eVisitor visa, including:

  • Be a genuine visitor;
  • Meet health and character requirements; and
  • Have enough money to support yourself while in Australia and to leave at the end of your stay.

If you can’t meet these criteria you will need to consider applying for another type of visa.

Subclass 600 – Visitor Visa

There are several subclass 600 visitor visa streams options to consider for those who are not eligible for an ETA or eVisitor visa. These have different eligibility requirements, length of stay, conditions and costs depending on which one is suitable to your circumstances.

So before you book your holiday to Australia, speak with the migration specialists at KU Legal about which visitor visa is right for you:

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